BVHT Inc. Services & Capabilities

FurnaceRoller Hearth Furnaces

Prepared Atmosphere Roller Hearth Furnace
*Type atmosphere:  (Rx) Endothermic
*Max temperature:  1750 degrees F
*Size: 10 in. high x 60 in. wide x 109 ft. long
*Thermal Treatments:
a…Annealing to a specified structure
--Lamellar pearlitic
b…Process annealing

Direct Fired Roller Hearth Furnace
*Type atmosphere:  Non-prepared (air)
*Max temperature:  2000 degrees F
*Size:  24 in. high x 50 in. wide x 22 ft. long
*Thermal Treatments:
a…Process anneal
b…Stress relieve
c…Normalize -- still air cooling
d…Normalize -- forced air cooling -- quench


*Medart #0 -- Size range at 70,000 yield -- 3/8 in. x 1 1/2 in.
*Medart #1 -- Size range at 70,000 yield -- 1/2 in. x 2 1/2 in.
*Inquire over 70,000 yield

ServicesFlats and Squares
*Sutton flatstraighteners
-- Size range at 80,000 yield to 16 sq. in. in crosssection
*Press straightening for larger size and higher yield strength rounds, flats and squares (inquire)
*Coils of many grades


Shot blasting
*Rounds, hexagons, flats and squares (inquire)



Oil dip to 24 ft.

Saw Cutting

Cut to length

Laboratory and Testing


Hardness Testing
*Rockwell, Brinell

Mechanical Properties
*Subcontracted to local independent laboratories

New for Summer of 2014

Installation of Cincinnati #3 centerless grinder
*Grinding 4 in. max